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FZBNSRKO Women's Winter Wool Knitted Twist Braid Pattern Headband Ear Warmer Head Wrap Wide Hair AccessoriesGrey - B0745C76FL

  • Material: This knitted headgear is a polyester wool headband with good elasticity.The retro twisted cross-figure headgear headband will make your skin feel very comfortable and considerate!

  • Hairband Style: Wearing our headband not only looks cool,but also keeps you warm in the cold winter.Length:23*9(cm)/9.06*3.54(inch),net weight:46g.A variety of colors for you to use,in every cold winter,it will bring you warmth, never outdated style.

  • Multiple Functions: Knitted headbands can be used as hair accessories in various occasions,such as fancy dress parties,dates,Christmas parties,etc.,and they can also be pulled to your ears to protect you from the cold, especially in winter.

  • Ideal Gift: Sports headbands,ear protectors,headbands,handmade headgear woven warm hair accessories,must be the warmest gift for friends.The stylish design is very popular with girls and mothers.It's really a New Year's gift for a girl or mother.

  • Package Includes: 1 pcs knitted and fluffy hair band,the color is randomly delivered,and there are many colors.We will select the most popular style for you recently,and we guarantee to bring you the best buying experience,you will fall in love This headband.No matter what problems you encounter during the purchase process,you can consult in the background at any time,we will contact you as soon as we see it,and solve your doubts!

  • Hairband

    Polyester yarn


    Net Weight:

    Hairband Style:
    Bow tie style headband

    Multiple colors

    Features of Hair Band:
    1. The elasticity of the hairband is very good,and the toughness immediately recovered after pulling it apart.
    There are a lot of fluff on the inside of the hairband,which can protect the head from the cold.

    2. The hand feels very good,and your skin feels very comfortable and considerate.

    3. The style of the headband is very fresh and simple,which will never be out of date.

    Multiple functions:
    Knitted headbands can be used as hair accessories in a variety of occasions,such as fancy dress parties,dates,Christmas parties,etc.
    You can also pull them to your ears.Protect you from the cold,especially in winter.

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    Package Includes:

    1 piece knitted and fluffy headband