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Luther Pike Seattle Ear Muffs for Winter Women & Men's Behind-the-Head Warmers - B08126PKY1

  • Polar Fleece,Plush

  • Elastic closure

  • Machine Wash

  • LONGER WEAR - The comfort of this plush polar fleece will allow you to spend a day of adventure without the need to take it off. It’s stylish and trendy, so wear them through multiple outfit changes.

  • NO SLIPPING - Made of stretchy material, these headbands fit snug against your head and ears while being machine-washable. This ensures you’ll have no worries when wearing your ear-warmers for a jog or chilly sports practice.

  • KEEP EARS WARM - The heat you might lose through your head will be held tight against your ears and head so you don’t have to fight the bitter wind or weather. Envelop your ears in cozy warmth.

  • UNISEX DESIGN - For Both Men & Women. The only downside to the attractive look and functionality of these gender neutral ear-warmers is that you may have to hide them from your spouse or teenagers.

  • A PERFECT FIT: A lesser winter headband is too loose-fitting to offer the warmth and control you want, but our men winter headbands combine all the warmth of traditional ear muffs with the snug comfort of an elastic headband.